Quad Bikes South Africa



Whether you are looking for a recreational quad bike or a quad bike for commercial purposes, we can help you.


Polaris Quad Bikes


The Sportsman quad bike is the world's best-selling 4x4 quad bike. It is also the most innovative and Xtreme Performance quad out on the planet.


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Polaris Quad Bikes South Africa





Linhai Quad Bikes


These quad bikes are for the customer who wants something of better quality than the typical "value" models on the market, but can't justify the high price of the 'traditional' quad bike brands.


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Linhai Quad Bikes South Africa




Recreational Quad Biking


Quad biking is one of the most interesting and exciting outdoor activities that has a lot to offer for any adventurous spirit. If you want to enjoy the pleasure of quad biking, you need to ensure that safety requirements are fulfilled. When racing quad bikes you must know all the rules, regulations and procedures associated with the racing tracks. Make sure you have all the necessary equipment and accessories to ensure a safe and fun filled ride.


Quad Bikes in Commercial Applications


Quad bikes have proven themselves as great additions to many commercial situations. The diversity that a quad bike offers allows them to become integral parts of many businesses. Be it mining, warehousing, farming or simply to get from A to B quicker.


Quad Biking in South Africa


Do you love challenges? There are many things that you can do to cater for your daring soul, including riding a quad bike. Quad biking in rough terrain can be a great test of your skills and bravery. When you are ready to take it to the next level, quad bike racing allows you to enjoy the twists and turns to the fullest. Quad biking is all about driving in muddy and uneven paths which nature has designed especially for you to test your quad bikes and your riding skills.


Quad biking provides real fun once you have got the hang of driving on the nippy, 4-wheeled machines! Imagine riding out into nature with your friends with no boundaries and a full fuel tank. Quad biking is all about enjoying the most daring and adventurous unbeaten paths.


Quad bikes come in all different makes and sizes. It all depends on what the quad bike was especially designed to do. From a recreational point of view, off road quad bikes are designed to accommodate a specific group of preferences. Quad bikes are also used for performing different duties such as herding animals, patrol vehicles, transporting and towing. Nowadays, many people like to use quad bikes as golf carts and airport baggage tractors. Quad bikes are increasingly being used for commercial applications.


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